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A word game with an Aztec theme; now that is something new!

WordWeaver from Mini Monster Media may appear like an ordinary word game at first with the primary objective to form words. But take a deeper look, and it has many interesting facets to it hidden in the lattice of the interface. - iphonefootprint

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So you know there are hundreds of other word puzzle apps in the App Store, right? What makes WordWeaver special? WordWeaver lets you wave your way out of situations by sliding letters on a woven board that you can morph to your heart’s content. - Appsafari

Panappticon Verdict: 91/100

Panappticon Verdict: 91/100A highly polished and fun mix of word creation and arcade-puzzle action that’s really quite addictive. Definitely one to check out if you have any interest in word games at all. - www.panappticon.com <-- click here for the full review!

10/05/09 Reviews!

Mini Monster Media has definitely taken a classic game and made it there own. As a unique mash-up of puzzle games Word Weaver gives the challenge of Quordy with a Aztec theme and an scoring system similar to Scrabble on steroids! - AppInReview.com <--click for full review

Mini Monster Media’s puzzle word game is a nice twist for people who enjoy the likes of Boggle and Bookworm. Overall it’s nice to see some design work go into something as simple as a puzzle game. I’m getting a little tired of the handdrawn look that a lot of ipod games have these days. - Ampedgaming.com <--click for full review