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Word Weaver Wednesday!

Hey Word Weaver Fans! We just wanted to let you know we are still waiting for the app store approval of the latest update to Word Weaver! We will let you know as soon as that happens!

100 Fans & Giveaways!!!

We are promoting our Word Weaver 2.0 update which has been submitted to apple for review. While we are waiting for that to hit the app store we wanted to show our fans some appreciation. When we reach 100 fans on our facebook fan page we are going to do some giveaways!

3 winners will be selected at random! We have two $10 iTunes codes and one word weaver promo code to give away! See the rules below.

All you have to do:
1: Become a fan on our fan page page http://tinyurl.com/ltdsua
2: Write a review if you have played word weaver

Winner's will be chosen at random:
100 fans = $10 gift code to iTunes.
150 fans = Word Weaver Promo Code
175 fans = $10 gift code to iTunes

It's Word Weaver Wednesday!

Hi Everyone! It's word weaver wednesday! Tell us your high scores!

When the WW 2.0 update hits the app store you will be able to share your high scores online with open feint!

Contest on our facebook fan page!

Head on over to our facebook fan page to enter and win!

""Word Weaver Win a Word Weaver Promo Code Contest: Post your favorite word right here and at 4pm we are going to pick a winner at random!""

Word Weaver Lite


Word Weaver Lite has been submitted to the app store for review! Players can try out the quick play mode with a 4x4 board. Uncover Gold coins for additional points, ignite rings of fire for points multipliers and use the snake gem to add points and time to your countdown clock!

For the ad-free full version user can upgrade and enjoy 4x4 & 5x5 boards in quick and career mode, which includes 30 levels, unlock achievements, share high scores with online leader boards, connect with twitter & facebook friends.

Some User Reviews!


We had a couple nice user reviews on iphone-game.com. Check it out!

"Something new to the word game!

Very cool additions to the standard game. I didn't get it at first but you can move the pieces under each other so you can rearrage the board. I got a fire ring on my first 5 letter word. Much cooler than the other games. I like, wish they had globls leader boards but I guess that will come in the promised update. Cool game"

"Nice twist on word games

As far as word games go you get a word and puzzle game wrapped into one. Challenging and addictive cobined with some strategy. Graphics and sounds are really well done. Highly recommended."

Additional Sneak Peek into the Word Weaver 2.0 Update

Wooden stakes blocking your path? Link long words to ignite "Rings of Fire" and destroy the stakes to free up the tile!

In addition to the Gold coin for added points you can uncover the snake gem for more points and added time to your clock! Use the sacrificial blade to replace 3 tiles with new ones to change up the boards!

(Congratulations! You have uncovered a free Word Weaver Promo Code! Try out the code! and if you were the first to uncover it you can keep it! Tweet us and let us know if you won or become a fan on our facebook page and post it on our wall! Code: 9A7EMJXJKW6N)

Sneak Peek at the Word Weaver update!


Join us on an archaeological expedition as we travel deep into the Mayan Underworld to unearth the lost "Temple
of the Inscriptions" where we will decipher its writings and uncover its treasure on our quest to become a MASTER WEAVER! We must be careful to avoid the myriad of challenges and pitfalls along our journey.

If you enjoyed playing Word Weaver 1.0, curre
ntly in the app store, then you will really enjoy the version 2.0 update. It has been submitted to the apple store and is awaiting approval. In the mean time we wanted to give you a sneak peak at the new features included in version 2.0.

- 30 level enchanced career mode
- accelerometer rattling (shakes up the entire lattice to uncover hidden tiles)
- improved performance and finger tracking
- specialized achievements
- global leader boards via Open Feint
- share your high scores with twitter & facebook in app friending
- new special tiles including: the snake gem, sacrificial blades & wooden stakes

Follow us on Twitter @wordweavergame or become a fan on Facebook http://tinyurl.com/qwxs49 for more updates, tips and tricks and giveaways!

Do you prfer Timed or Un-Timed modes in word games?

Take our poll and let us know!


Help us reach 150 followers today on twitter! We are giving away two prizes when we do!



11AM Words:
1. heT
2. ynMaa
3. hGply


3rd & 4th Giveaways

Are you read for another giveaway? Our next promo at 11am will be two fold.

1: Be the first to unscramble the word(s) on our blog or twitter and win.
2: We are looking to hit 150 followers on twitter. So re-tweet and tell your friends. Once we hit 150 we will choose two winners at random to win!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

2nd Giveaway of the day!

Here is the 2nd word of the day. Be the first to comment right here and unscramble the word to win!

Word: rdimnlciootiean

1st Giveaway Today!


First person to comment here with the answer wins a word weaver promo code!

Unscramble the following word and ignite a word weaver ring of fire!!!

Word: aolsnguoa


We are going to be giving away some promo codes tomorrow Friday 14th 2009. It will start at 9am and go through 5pm EST. We will give away one code per hour. All you have to do is follow us comment right here on our blog site tomorrow starting at 9am. Winners will be chosen at random.

Follow us on twitter for more giveaways tomorrow or become a fan on facebook!

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Tips & Tricks #1

If you've been playing word weaver on career or quick play you have encountered the "Death Omen". In the example to the right the death omen is
uncovered and blocking the "S" tile.

TIP: If you use the "S" tile while it is occupied with the "Death Omen" you will free up that tile but there will be a price to pay. 25% of your points and
some time off the clock!

So avoid the Death omen if you are going for that high score! Or use it if you are putting together a strategy to free up more letters and go for more words!

A LITE version of Word Weaver coming to the app Store?


We will be soon releasing a press release mentioning our LITE version and an update to our full version becoming available in the app store in the next coming weeks. The picture to the left is a preview of the LITE version.

Looks a lot like the full version we currently have on the app store. The LITE version will give the player a taste of the 4x4 game board in quick play mode where they can uncover gold coins for bonus points and ignite fire rings when linking 6+ letter words.

Uncover Aztec gold and ignite rings of fire on your quest to become a Master Weaver!


Experience the best of two game worlds - classic word creation and arcade puzzling. Weaver your way through challenging levels of this unique and addictive game set in an ancient tribal land.

Word Weaver adds the fast paced fun of match-3 games with the popular word finding mechanic to immerse the player in a brain stimulating experience ! Word Weavers unique woven lattice mechanic allows the player to manipulate the board to reveal hidden letters, discover cool bonuses and earn extra points! So if you find your self at a loss for words... you can weave your way out!

Word Weaver Version 1.0 is available on the iTunes app store for $0.99.

Current Features:
- Multiple modes of game play
- Choice of board sizes
- Exciting bonuses
- Local leader boards and stats
- Online dictionary reference for the list of words you create
- Captivation original score and sound effects
- Addictive gameplay
- Brilliant graphics
- Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
- Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later