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Wordweaver adds new features, twists and roadblocks to the typical “find and select” word puzzlers. It could be one of the most innovative word games I’ve played in a while, and it’s easily the most challenging.

Wordweaver has taken a simple word game and added so many extras, I’m not really sure it even counts as a word game any more. Wordsmiths will enjoy working their vocab voodoo, but puzzlers and strategy seekers will also want take this game for a spin.

Mastering this jargon jungle is a right of passage that will take skill. But, if you’re getting bored with what the word-game genre has to offer, then it’s time to move on to the next level. Wordweaver will test the limits of your lexicon and — even after 30 levels — leave you ready for more.

- Appcraver.com <---(Click to read the full review)

The game has some cool extra features such as twitter connection so you can tell your friends when you level up and you can send an email through the game inviting others to check out the game. You can also look up the words you’ve found to see their definition.

- Thatgirlssite.com <---(Click to read the full mention)

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Wordweaver's Twitter & Facebook Connect

We had some issues with Wordweaver 1.1 achievements not being posted to Facebook or Twitter. If you are logged into openfeint and you unlock an achievement you are given the option to post this achievement or ignore it. If you post the achievement to either FB or Twitter you should now see something like this posted to your feed:



Contact us at support@minimonstermedia.com if you are still having issues!

Wordweaver Review by AppAddict.net

There's a word for that...FUN! Brett Nolan's review of WordWeaver is up on AppAddict.net

WordWeaver by Mini Monster Media offers a fun new twist on traditional finger-dragging, word finding games. It boasts two different game modes (classic and career) played on either a 4×4 or 5×5 square, manipulatable woven lattice board. You move your finger to form words by connecting adjacent letters (either horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or any combination of these directions). A variety of bonus items will appear, use the letters containing these items to score additional points and unlock achievements...............Click here for Full Review

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Help us pick our ad slogan!


Wordweaver fans We Need Your HELP to determine our next best slogan. Post a comment about which slogan you prefer! Help us figure this out before we embarrass ourselves to the whole world!

1: A traditional word game and an exciting arcade game got d
runk behind an Aztec temple. Their love child is WORDWEAVER!

2: A traditional word puzzle and an bad-a$$ arcade game got drunk behind an Aztec temple. 9 months later WORDWEAVER arrived at the App store.

3: WORDWEAVER is better than asparagus!

Feel free to post right here on our blog or on our facebook fan page or twitter!

High Score!

30,136 is the current high score on the career 5x5 leaderboards right now. Can you beat it?

Here's a tip: When the next level button appears continue playing picking up as many snake gems as you can to keep the clock going while you pick up gold coins and create long words to try to earn as many extra points as possible before time runs out and you are pushed to the next level.

Think of it as a bonus frenzy!

Lattice & Bonus tile Tips & Tricks from our Game Designer!

WordWeaver's unique woven lattice lets you manipulate the board to reveal hidden letters, uncover Aztec gold and snake gems, ignite rings of fire, break obstacles in your path, unleash the sacrificial blade, and earn extra points.

There are two ways to manipulate the lattice. You can Shake it up! Shake your iphone/ipod to stir up the entire lattice! You can also uncover one tile at a time by pressing the arrors on the side of the board to move a column or a row. This comes in handy when you see/hear a little sparkle on one of the tiles. You can move the rows to unveil a bonus tile (Gold coin or snake gem). The gold coin will give you extra points and the snake gem will give you additional points as well as add some time to your clock.

If you have a Death Omen in your way you can move the lattice to hide it. Beware as more will pop up as you reach the higher levels in career mode!

Wooden Stakes are found in higher levels in career mode. They occupy a tile rendering it useless but don't worry, the wooden stakes can be broken. When you achieve a 5 letter word or larger you ignite a Ring of Fire which will explode the wooden stake. Once the wooden stake is gone you can use that tile again!

Another fun bonus tile is the Sacrificial Blade. When you use this tile you see a "blood splatter" which covers 3 tiles on the board and changes the letters on those tiles giving you new letters to work with.

- Master Weaver

WordWeaver Giveaways!


Mini Monster Media is giving away promo codes for WordWeaver which you can use to download WordWeaver for iPhone/iPod from the app store.

WordWeaver is an addictive crossover between a classic word creation game and an arcade puzzle with a unique lattice board which lets you weave rows and columns to refresh your letter tiles or shake your device to change up the whole board!

To enter, all you need to do is retweet our Twitter message. Complete details can be found below. Good Luck!

Mini Monster Media, WordWeaver, $1.99

Bumper Stars

Contest Rules

  1. This Mini Monster Media WordWeaver Promo Code giveaway is open to everyone who has a valid US App Store account. (So you can redeem your code.)
  2. To enter, follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT & Follow @wordweavergame to win WordWeaver promo codes courtesy of Mini Monster Media
  3. When your friends RT our message with your @name it will increase your chances of winning!
  4. The contest will close September 21st, 2009 @ 8PM EST. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on September 22nd, 2009 @ 11AM EST

The new version of WordWeaver for iPhone is more addictive than ever!


Mini Monster Media (MMM) today announced a major update to its popular iPhone game WordWeaver. The latest version of this addictive crossover between a classic word creation game and an arcade puzzle is Open Feint enabled and supports global leader boards, accelerometer action, achievements and a host of cool new features, including Sacrificial Blades and Snake Gems. The developers have a few other tricks up their sleeve but you will have to play the game to discover them.

View the full press release here: http://minimonstermedia.com/pressrelease/

WordWeaver Update!


MiniMonster's is proud to announce the big update to our WordWeaver word/puzzle game is finally in the App Store! DOWNLOAD WORDWEAVER

Word Weaver offers the best of two game worlds - classic word creation and arcade puzzle. Weave your way through the challenging levels of this unique and addictive game set in an ancient tribal land.

Word Weaver introduces something unique - a woven lattice board. Manipulate it to reveal hidden letters, discover cool bonuses and earn extra points.

New Features for the upcoming update:
- 30 level career mode quest to Golden Weaver
- 4x4 or 5x5 board sizes
- Accelerometer rattling (shakes up the entire lattice to uncover new bonus tiles and letters)
- Boost scores and advance through the levels more quickly with cool bonus tiles including fire rings, golden coins, snake gems, sacrificial blade & wooden stakes
- Online dictionary reference for the list of words you create
- Open Feint enabled Global and friend leaderboards with Twitter & Facebook connect
- Specialized achievements
- Easy to learn — quick instructions guide you at the start through quick play or career mode
- Improved performance and finger tracking
- Captivating original score and sound effects
- Addictive gameplay
- Brilliant graphics

Fan Response

We are fortunate to have some great fans of our Word Weaver game. Here is a glimpse of whatsome of our facebook fans are saying. Become a fan and tell us what you think, get some tips and tricks and find out what's coming in the new update! When we reach 150 fans we have more giveaways!

Beth on August 18

I love this game! It is completely addictive :) *****

Sam on August 26
I really like word games, this is the best one of them all, really addictive, I'm always on it, love it!! *****

Fans & Giveaways!

While our WordWeaver update is still in review we are trying to reach out to as many fans as we can! Last week we had a winner when we reached our 100th fan! When we reach 150 fans on our facebook fan page we are going to do some more giveaways!

Winners will be selected at random! We have (1) $10 iTunes code and one word weaver promo code to give away! See the rules below.

All you have to do:
Become a fan on our fan page page http://tinyurl.com/ltdsua - you can feel free to write a review or start a discussion on our page! You can also check out our youtube game teaser: http://tinyurl.com/kjrcdw

Winner's will be chosen at random:
150 fans = Word Weaver Promo Code
175 fans = $10 gift code to iTunes

WordWeaver on YouTube!

You can watch our teaser video on your tube now!


Lite Version rejected by apple due to keywords!

We apologize for the delay. If you are waiting to try the LITE version of wordweaver or you have the full version and are awaiting the fun updates it's going to be a little bit longer.. Apple has rejected our submissions after 14+ days in review because of a new keyword policy. We have fixed the issue and are eagerly awaiting for the green light from apple!

In the meantime check out this teaser trailer which shows off some of the updates new features!