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Sneak Peek at the Word Weaver update!

Join us on an archaeological expedition as we travel deep into the Mayan Underworld to unearth the lost "Temple
of the Inscriptions" where we will decipher its writings and uncover its treasure on our quest to become a MASTER WEAVER! We must be careful to avoid the myriad of challenges and pitfalls along our journey.

If you enjoyed playing Word Weaver 1.0, curre
ntly in the app store, then you will really enjoy the version 2.0 update. It has been submitted to the apple store and is awaiting approval. In the mean time we wanted to give you a sneak peak at the new features included in version 2.0.

- 30 level enchanced career mode
- accelerometer rattling (shakes up the entire lattice to uncover hidden tiles)
- improved performance and finger tracking
- specialized achievements
- global leader boards via Open Feint
- share your high scores with twitter & facebook in app friending
- new special tiles including: the snake gem, sacrificial blades & wooden stakes

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