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WordWeaver Lite is a terrific word find game......

WordWeaver Lite is a terrific word find game that combines many exciting features into one unusual and multi-faceted playing session. You are given a lattice board of letters to fill a 4x4 board size. Keep your finger busy quickly making words without lifting it off the display. Once you lift your finger, the word will be submitted, and a running score kept. Tap the arrows on the lattice board, and you'll be rewarded with hidden letters, special tiles, and extra points. There are so many things to love about WordWeaver Lite. I enjoy the Aztec themed board, and appreciate being able to get new letters when I run out of word ideas. You will love tapping a letter and finding that it really is a Fire Ring, and uncovering snake gems or gold coins. These ancient surprises may pop out at you at any time. Some of the cool features of WordWeaver Lite include: local leaderboard and stats, bonuses, online dictionary reference, authentic "Indiana Jones Temple of Doom" type sound effects and brilliant graphics. As packed with features as this Lite version is, you will certainly enjoy the Full version which boasts even more exciting items.


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