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Help us pick our ad slogan!

Wordweaver fans We Need Your HELP to determine our next best slogan. Post a comment about which slogan you prefer! Help us figure this out before we embarrass ourselves to the whole world!

1: A traditional word game and an exciting arcade game got d
runk behind an Aztec temple. Their love child is WORDWEAVER!

2: A traditional word puzzle and an bad-a$$ arcade game got drunk behind an Aztec temple. 9 months later WORDWEAVER arrived at the App store.

3: WORDWEAVER is better than asparagus!

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Debra said...

I like 3. It's short, sweet and I don't like asparagus either.

Perhaps you should have a slogan contest!

Anonymous said...

I like #1 myself! Cute little game!

Anonymous said...

#2 works for me..

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