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High Score!

30,136 is the current high score on the career 5x5 leaderboards right now. Can you beat it?

Here's a tip: When the next level button appears continue playing picking up as many snake gems as you can to keep the clock going while you pick up gold coins and create long words to try to earn as many extra points as possible before time runs out and you are pushed to the next level.

Think of it as a bonus frenzy!


Master Weaver said...

Top Spots:
Career 5x5: Jaim in the top stop with 30,136 followed by Twathi with 25,750

Career 4x4: MicheNY in the top spot with 18,686 and Jaim following with 13,195

Quick 5x5: MicheNY is in the top spot with 1,196 and Jaim not too far behind with 1,057

Quick 4x4: MicheNY holds the top spot with 1,866 and petra oaklandish is following with 1,038

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