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Lattice & Bonus tile Tips & Tricks from our Game Designer!

WordWeaver's unique woven lattice lets you manipulate the board to reveal hidden letters, uncover Aztec gold and snake gems, ignite rings of fire, break obstacles in your path, unleash the sacrificial blade, and earn extra points.

There are two ways to manipulate the lattice. You can Shake it up! Shake your iphone/ipod to stir up the entire lattice! You can also uncover one tile at a time by pressing the arrors on the side of the board to move a column or a row. This comes in handy when you see/hear a little sparkle on one of the tiles. You can move the rows to unveil a bonus tile (Gold coin or snake gem). The gold coin will give you extra points and the snake gem will give you additional points as well as add some time to your clock.

If you have a Death Omen in your way you can move the lattice to hide it. Beware as more will pop up as you reach the higher levels in career mode!

Wooden Stakes are found in higher levels in career mode. They occupy a tile rendering it useless but don't worry, the wooden stakes can be broken. When you achieve a 5 letter word or larger you ignite a Ring of Fire which will explode the wooden stake. Once the wooden stake is gone you can use that tile again!

Another fun bonus tile is the Sacrificial Blade. When you use this tile you see a "blood splatter" which covers 3 tiles on the board and changes the letters on those tiles giving you new letters to work with.

- Master Weaver


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